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About Us

Hello everyone, I'm Tuscany Williams, the proud founder of the 'Women Who Golf' (WWG) community. My journey with golf began as a young girl, where I found joy in the game's challenges and the beauty of nature. However, I quickly noticed that golf seemed predominantly tailored for men, often leaving women feeling like outsiders. This realization sparked my determination to create a change.

WWG is more than just a community; it's a global movement dedicated to empowering women in golf. Our members are enthusiastic women golfers from across the world, spanning almost every continent. We've gained recognition from golfing news and authorities for our significant impact in promoting women's presence and representation in the sport.

Our efforts extend to supporting events and opportunities for female golfers globally. We collaborate with Golf Australia, assist women golfers in the Middle East, organize premium events in South Africa, and partner with Top Golf. Our most significant focus, however, remains on the vast North American market, where a large portion of our members reside.

The inception of WWG was fueled by my passion for the social aspect of golf. As a teenager, I often found myself playing predominantly with men, a scenario familiar to many women golfers. Yet, there's a world of golf courses and women's groups that offer support and share a love for the game. Our mission at WWG is to replicate this supportive and inclusive environment worldwide, standing strong together in our love for golf.

I invite you to join our Facebook community, where you can actively support and connect with women golfers from around the globe. Let's celebrate our shared passion for golf and work towards greater inclusion and recognition in this wonderful sport.

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Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Cathy Burke 1 Review

Great way to meet other ladies that enjoy the same sport!

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Cheryl Mikkola 1 Review

Sharing accomplishments, golf tips and sharing of beautiful courses

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
JoAnn Stianche DeSolis 1 Review

It’s great .. women golfers are a special group!

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Dianne D. Beaton 1 Review

it's a great forum to share ideas with like minded women

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Paula Ann 1 Review

Like minded strong women who love to golf!


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