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Firstly, yes my real name is Tuscany Williams, and this online store is an extension of the online community ‘Women Who Golf’ that I’m proud to have founded. I’m passionate about empowering women to play the game we love, looking and feeling great while we do it.

Even as a young girl I loved golf. I loved being out in nature, the battle with myself, and even the battle to beat the boys. What I didn’t like however, was that the sport was clearly designed for men. As a woman I’ve often felt like a second class citizen on the course and in the pro shop. Surely I couldn’t be alone I thought and resolved to find out.

Starting the ‘Women Who Golf Facebook Group‘ was the big first step. Within just months we had hundreds of female golfers from all over the world not only signing up, but sharing their stories and supporting one another. In no time at all we had grown into a robust community.

The next step is solving the need for more fashionable women specific golf gear. If you’ve been into a sports store before, you’ve probably noticed a lot of the clothing is actually made for tennis or other more popular womens sports. As a result it’s not always possible to feel fashionable (read: like a woman) on the course. Does it affect the way you play, maybe, but why should that even be a possibility at all?  You can look good at the gym, on the beach and around town, why not when you are on the golf course?

Our long term vision is to custom design clothing and accessories specifically for our community. I love chatting to our Facebook community, and if you have any ideas or requests, please message me, I would love to hear from you… and maybe sneak in a game as well.

What our members say


Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Cathy Burke 1 Review

Great way to meet other ladies that enjoy the same sport!

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Cheryl Mikkola 1 Review

Sharing accomplishments, golf tips and sharing of beautiful courses

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
JoAnn Stianche DeSolis 1 Review

It’s great .. women golfers are a special group!

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Dianne D. Beaton 1 Review

it's a great forum to share ideas with like minded women

Women Who Golf - Testimonials
Paula Ann 1 Review

Like minded strong women who love to golf!


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