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By Tuscany Williams

Women Who Golf Favourite At Training Aids

The favorite women’s golfers at home golf practice equipment for putting, chipping, and long driving. These are listed as the Women Who Golf’s best practice equipment that they LOVE using!

For many of us, winter is upon us….meaning golf season is sadly coming to an end for us. To keep that golfing spirit alive, we have crafted a list of popular indoor golfing equipment for you to set up in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, if you are lucky not to have golf courses close to you, these make great gift ideas for your golfing friends and yourself. 


Summary of The Best At-Home Practice Products 

Putting Practice Products

 Chipping Practice Products

Full Swing Practice Products



Putting is one of the best ways to improve your golf game and you can easily set up a putting setup in the comfort of indoors this winter. Below are the favorites amounts women golfers. Here is a list of available best training aids and gadgets for the home or office.

Putt Out Trainer
Best For: Helping Knock Strokes Off Your Golf Game

Members and reviews have said this little device has helped knock strokes off your golf game. It is designed to return good putts, reject bad ones and hold perfect putts. Members love this as it helps with accuracy and distance. helping knock strokes off your game. A simple, but effective gadget that’s really going to have a positive effect on your putting.

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Who is it best for?

For anyone wanting to work on their putting, focusing on speed, constancy, accuracy, and distance. Also, a great gift idea for golfers with any handicap!


Putt Out Mat
Best For Anyone Wanting A Practice Mat

This putting mat is designed with lines that can help keep your putts straight and accurate. The mat replicates a medium-fast green; helping you improve your putting stroke. It’s a great one to add to your putting setup in your home, paired with the Putt Out Trainer.

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Who is it best for?

For anyone wanting an easy fold-out mat to practice straightening their putting, it comes in different sizes, perfect for any size space.


Perfect Practice Mat
Best For A Combination Of A Mat & Putting Trainer 

This is an alternative putting mat with a putting trainer. These have been popular in the group. On Amazon, there are a few alternatives on Amazon. Each of these has been a favorite to add to your home or office. Both of these putting devices received rave reviews from all members and buyers! A nice one to add to your den or office space!

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SKLZ Golf Training Aid
Best For A Cheaper Alternative To The Perfect Practice Mat

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Who is it best for? 
Women golfers wanting a putting mat with trainer aid built in, a great one to add to your at-home setup and practice those putts!


Put – A – Bout Grassroot Mat
Best For The Den and Getting Your Golf Fix

A favorite among all golfers you can easily set up in your den or living room. One of the reviews states; it’s a quick meditative calm where you can slow down and de-stress while working on your putting. A perfect little practice green to get your fix.

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Who is it for? 
For people that have the space inside or out, it’s for those wanting a super easy roll mat have a few hits, then easily put it away again. Easy peasy!


Putting Mirror
Best For Those Wanting a Visual Aid

My first golf coach swore by this and loved using a mirror to practice putting. You can see what you are doing and get instant feedback about how you are striking/hitting the ball. It’s a good one to add to the end of your putting mat.

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Who is it best for?
For people who need visual aid with their putting training paired with a putting mat, this will be super useful.


Chipping Practice At Home 

As golfers, this is also an integral part of the game, where strokes can really add up. Take the time to practice those shots at your home and backward, so when you get back on the course you can approach those chipping shots with confidence. A recommendation is to invest in some wiffle (a plastic golf ball) or foam golf balls, particularly for indoor golf both of these are great! 


Wiffle Balls
Best For Indoors & Small Spaces

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Foam Balls
Best For Indoors and Larger Spaces

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Who is it best for?
Indoor and outdoor golf, and people with limited space and not able to use a harder ball.

For More Practice Golf Ball Recommendations: Check Out The Women Who Golf Favourite Practice Golf Balls gives more of a thorough analysis of the different indoor golf balls.


Golf Chipping Nets Options

A cheap and simple option to practice your short game at home. Both of these are easy to use and effective at getting some target practice in. All of these have been favorites in the Women Who Golf group and at-home golf approved!

The Chipsters
Best For Different Aiming Target For Distance and Accuracy

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Relilac Pop Up (Mat and Foam Golf Balls Included)

Best For Everything Included

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PodiuMax Pop Up
Best For Easy Pop Up And Go Net

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Rukket Tri-Turf Mat
Best For Indoor And Not Wanting To Ruin Your Grass Lovers

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Indoor and Outdoor Golf Practice Nets

The Golf Practice net is a favorite for indoors and backward, particularly if you have kids or teens. Also, it includes a large bullseye, which a lot of members enjoy having as a visual for when hitting their golf balls. Also, the side netting ensures security for those stray balls!

The Golf Practice Net 
Best For Indoors And Kids!

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Who is it best for? 
Those looking for a high-quality net that can be used indoors or outdoors, also if you want an extra layer of security for those stray balls, this is the net!

The Rukket Golf Net is a wonderful hitting net, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s a high-quality brand and a fantastic at-home net. It can be used for indoors (depending on space) and outdoors. The Women Who Golf members and reviews rave about this net, they love it!


The Rukket Golf Net
The Best For Those Wanting The Most Popular and Best Net!

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This one is new on the market and is an alternative to the Rukket golf net. This one comes with a bullseye if that is important to you.

Bearwill Practice Net

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Best Full Swing Training Aid
The Orange Whip Trainer

This nifty little trainer has been recommended by many golfing pros and coaches in the golf group. It helps with synchronizing the arms and body while swinging it repetitively, helping improve your swing tempo, strength, and flexibility a great warm-up and training gadget. Also, a lover by many golf professionals and instructors in the group.

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Who is it best for?
Someone wanting to warm up before swinging and help with strength!


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