Best Golf Balls For Women in 2023

By Tuscany Williams

A golf ball can help your performance and make a significant difference in your golf game. It is one of the easiest equipment changes to make. Choosing and playing with the right golf ball helps golfers reach their full potential on the golf course.

The best golf balls for women will have a compression that matches their needs as a player, excellent visibility, and an impressive greenside feel. Below are the best golf balls for women in 2023 as voted on the Women Who Golf Facebook Group.

1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Best Overall) 

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are the best overall golf balls for women golfers. It helps reduce drag, higher launch, and low spin and has an amazing feel. It is a two-piece ball but has a spectacular performance on both the tee and the green. It is an affordable golf ball yet brings plenty of performance for women golfers and gives control around the green. An overall great ball to add to your collection.

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Who is it best for?
Its the best all-rounder golf ball, from beginners to advance, you need at least a packet of Callaway Supersofts in your collection


  • Great value for women’s golf balls
  • Best golf balls for feel and distance
  • Good for low to mid-swing speeds
  • Highest rated golf ball on Amazon


  • It does not spin around the greens as well as others


2. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls (Best for Everyone)

This ball is designed for a women golfer with a moderate to slow swing speed and launches high and far. This ball is excellent for the average lady golfer. However, we recommend it more for beginner to intermediate golfers.

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Who is it best for? 
The Srixon Feel Lady Golf Balls is an excellent all-rounder – for those looking for straighter ball flight and more feel around the greens. It is recommended for more beginner to intermediate women golfers.


  •   It has a soft feel (feels like the standard ball) but with the added distance and carry
  • Great Price
  • Best all-rounder women’s golf ball


  • Has said to feel a bit squishy when hitting

3. Bridgestone Lady Precept (Best for Women Seniors)

The Bridgestone lady precept is not new to the market but has been continually updated for years. Now women golfers are finding it to have a softer cover, lower flight on drives, and higher flight with irons. Available on Amazon:

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Who is it best for?
This ball has been recommended as perfect for more senior golfers.


  • Fantastic for distance
  • Performance on greens and putts excellent ratings
  • Great for senior golfers


  • They can be a bit pricey but Amazon always has a deal going on


4. Titleist Velocity (Best for Distance)

The Titleist Velocity balls are a lower-priced option from Titleist that allow for a low long game spin, affordability, and higher flight on your golf shots. This is a number one selling ball, and women golfers love it. It helps you get the distance you need from the tee but can stop the ball directly on the green with an iron or hybrid. Here’s the direct link for the white and pink golf balls:

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Who is it best for?
If you are wanting more distance and a ball you can easily control, this is a great one! According to experts and the group, this is a very playable ball.


  • It rolls for a long time
  • Higher Ball speeds


  • Some say can be priced a bit high, but you can’t go wrong with it.


5. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball (Best For Slower Swingers)

Kalea is engineered with women golfers in mind and made to promote greater lift and more distance while maintaining a soft feel. Not all women players have a slow swing speed, but if you do, this ball may be for you. If you are struggling with getting the proper distance, the TaylorMade Kalea ball is a great choice, also comes incomes in white, matte peach and purple.


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Who is it best for?
This ball is an excellent all-rounder ball for slower golf swingers.


  • UV Resistant paint will not fade
  • Soft feel around the greens
  • Helps gets distance


  • Sometimes even though it’s awesome to have a colourful ball, can be harder to track

6. Callaway Reva Golf Ball (Best for Beginner Women Golfers)

The entire line of Callaway Reva products is designed to help beginner golfers….so a great starting point if you are overwhelmed with the choices. With the Callaway Reva players can have better control, higher ball speeds and increased launch. Also, they are always a great puce and a good one to add to your collection.

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Who is it best for?
Beginners….this ball is a great starting point.


  • A larger golf ball is easier to focus on
  • High ball speed and launch
  • Very fair pricing for beginners


  • Greenside spin can be a little difficult


7. Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball (Best Value on Amazon)

The Wilson Tour Velocity Distance is a really great distance ball for better players with medium swing speeds of 90+ mph. It’s designed not only for maximum carry and roll distance but also for good greenside spin and playability.

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 Who is it best for? 

It is the perfect golf ball that can help female golfers reach higher distances off the tee but is generally a great all-rounder. 


  • delivers eye-popping distance
  • Very affordable
  • Great distance


  • Greenside feels can be limited


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