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By Tuscany Williams

Here are the Top 12 For June

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Post One: Yikes!😳🫣😬

When I walked in the bathroom and saw this after four holes, I decided maybe I could wait till I got back to the clubhouse for the restroom!! 😬

Post Two: Worth a celebratory drink, indeed! Cheers 🥂⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Finally broke 80 with a 79 & 9 pars!! My best round ever 🏌🏻‍♀️

Post Three: Handsome kid and he’s got talent! Proud mom!💯🤗💕

So I started back up golf with my son 7 months ago I haven’t played for 13 years . My son has quite a few tattoos which was accepted in his sport as he was a boxer, so not the typical look on a golf course. He has never really ever played. So after 7 months my son is already a 8 handicap and has gone under par a couple of times 🥰 I’m so proud. They love him him at our golf club and he’s the biggest hitter there, they say he is the politest lad ever, he played his first match play against another club who was a scratch player and my son won 9&8 my son was 3 under par after 10 holes . So there’s that saying don’t judge someone because of their looks ❤️

Post Four: Very creative! Awesome!! 👍🙂⛳️🏌‍♀️

Made my own mini bead counter for my glove today…what do you think?🤗😍

Post Five: Hole-In-One Club, Congratulations, Caraline!🎉🏌‍♀️⛳❤

Proud mom moment. 😃⛳️ My 14-year-old daughter had her 2nd Hole-in-one at Pelican Sound Golf and River Club in Estero, FL on 5/25/23. The Lakes Course, Hole #5, Par 4! 301 yards from the tee. Hit with a Ping Driver with a Bridgestone ball.‼️😎⛳️

Post Six: Congratulations, Brenda! Great golf ⛳️🥂👌🏻

My first Hole in One! Hole #17. 106 up hill. 9 wood🏌‍♀️⛳️🎉

Post Seven: Wonderful to make such great friends. Enjoy!❤️

Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself and share a photo. We are 7 women who have a 3 putt club. Each month we pay our treasurer 50 cents per 3 putt. We go away for a golf outing once a year and put the funds towards our trip. We also play cards and drink a lot of wine when we fit it in. I am so grateful for such a wonderful group of friends!👏❤️🏌🏻‍♀️⛳️

Post Eight: That is absolutely NUTS!! 😄 What a cloud!

It’s a hard game!!!

Post Nine: Happy birthday, Kari! What a great gift to wake-up to. It’s such a wonderful sport. Enjoy!💚⛳️

I’ve been a lurker on this page for a while. I started golfing a few years ago because my bf started playing with his coworkers and liked it. I have always been into sports and being outside and I’m super competitive (mostly with myself and never in a mean way). So when my bf found golf I immediately hopped on board since its the only sport he likes and something he enjoys almost as much as staying in lol. I am by no means any good, but of course with my competitiveness, I have to practice and get good at golf lol. So far I’ve been renting clubs or using the old clubs my bf has. Well today for my birthday I woke up to a “new” used set of clubs from him! Finally I have my own set and I’m so excited to get more serious about golf and get some use out of these clubs! They’re a used set and nothing crazy, but we don’t have money to spend and they’re mine, so I couldn’t be happier! 🥰🥰 that’s all, just wanted to share my excitement! ⛳️🖤

Post Ten: Hang in there! Keep your head held high, and enjoy your game✨⛳️✨

I love this page and the support I feel here. Today I had a bad experience on the golf course. I’m new to golfing and have played team play once. I don’t know all the rules and am so grateful to all the supportive women I’ve golfed with. Today I found everyone is not nice golfing. Better days are ahead and I love this game so much!💚⛳️🏌🏼‍♀️

Post Eleven: Now that’s an incredible accomplishment‼️🍾🎉🎈 

This is unbelievable! I aced the same hole twice this week! First on Tuesday and again tonight!!! I’m still in shock!☀️⛳️😎

Post Twelve: Way to go ladies! Congratulations!🖤🤍🏆🥳

Well just when I was about to give up golf, this happened! We won our club’s member/member tournament and I shot an 89! I had been taking so many lessons and my scores were steadily going up instead of down! I felt frustrated and defeated and I often couldn’t even break 100 anymore. Then I listened to a podcast about having a positive mindset and letting go of all of the negative thoughts that clutter our minds when we golf. They suggested writing down a few positive swing thoughts and to just pick one before every shot. After letting go of everything else and focusing on just one positive thing, my game seemed to come back to me and the relaxation and fun I used to have returned. Not sure it will last but for two days all was right with the world!🏌️‍♀️❤️🎉

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Thank you all for your continued support through posts, comments, likes, and shares! Follow us on Instagram for more incredible posts and pictures from the Women Who Golf community.

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