The Best Practice Golf Balls to Use in Your Backyard or Indoors

By Tuscany Williams

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Many of us are starting to feel the burden of being cooped up inside this month due to COVID 19. Although we can’t go outside does not have to mean out golf has to suffer. The ladies and I at Women Who Golf, have devised a list of the best at-home practice golf balls you can use. There are several different sections catered towards needs and living arrangements.  

Best for inside and outside Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls
Best for long game The Birdie Ball
Best for limited space Crown Sporting Goods Plastic Golf Ball
Best All-Rounder The Foam Ball
Best for mums & kids Intech Practice Ball
Best for golfers and cats Wiffle Practice Ball

Best for Inside & Outside –  Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls

The Callaway HX Practice golf balls are made from EVA high-quality foam and designed with a unique hex pattern. They were designed this way to mimic practicing with a real golf ball, making it a very popular choice for a practice ball. If you are trying to improve your gameplay, then an appropriate ball is super important. The fly is quite like a real golf ball and comes in either, green, orange and pink making it easy to locate. These are safe for indoor and outdoor practice, making it a perfect option to keep on top of your game. 

Overall, reviews on Amazon said this is a great golf ball to help you practice your game, especially if you’re a beginner to intermediate golfer. They are great to practice with and won’t break a window. They come highly recommended! 

Our star rating: 4/5 
Find it on Amazon: 

Best For Long Game – The Birdie Ball

The Birdie Ball is the newest product and many people in the industry are raving about it. Shaped like a napkin holder, these training aids draw and fade just like a real golf ball but are limited to a 40-yard (36.5 meters) flight distance. They are not shaped like golf balls so they won’t roll like one, however, they’re perfect for hitting and in your backyard. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, this ball is perfect for improving and practicing your swing technique.

What Women Who Golf Members said 
Ginny: “They are perfect for outside use, wouldn’t recommend them for inside use.” 

Our star rating: 4/5 
Find it here on Amazon: 

Best For Limited Space – The Plastic Golf Ball

Perfect for those places with limited space, low ceilings or no backyard. The crown sporting goods plastic golf balls provides you with a chance to practice your swing at home. These plastic golf balls will not shatter glass or dent walls. It is the perfect practice tool to improve your game. 

These are the best golf balls to practice in your house, you can feel at ease as you will not damage anything with this ball. Best for practicing your swing and chipping.

Our star rating: 4/5
Find it on Amazon: 

Best for Budget – The Foam Ball With Dimples 

 These golf balls aren’t dimpled and don’t spin like a true golf ball would, but they’re an excellent stand-in that won’t damage anything in your home.

Superb practice balls. The sponge has just enough density so that the ball flies off the club and travels plenty far enough. But equally, if it hits anything around yours or your neighbors’ properties there’s no risk of damage.

 What Women Who Golf Members said
 Kathryn – “I have been practicing with them in my game room since all our courses are closed”  
 Tasia – “Must get some!” 

Our star rating: 5/5
Find it on Amazon: 

Best for Golfers & Cats – The Wiffle Practice Ball

The kept coming up as the number #1 rated golf ball as perfect for cats. Not only is it a cheap toy but it’s a great plastic golf ball to improve your golf. 

These can be used indoors or outdoors, great ball to help practice chipping and full swing cats love them as well 

Our star rating: 4/5
Find it on Amazon:

Best for mums with golfing kids – In tech Golf Foam Practice Balls

These balls are not dimpled and don’t spin like a golf ball, however, these have been labeled as one of the safest golf balls to use in your house. You won’t have to worry about cracked windows or dented walls. 

Fun to practice with and kids love them. They are great to use around the backyard and house when playing family games. 

Our star rating: 4/5
Find it on Amazon:


After reading this article and you are still confused about what you should pick, you can’t go wrong with The Foam Practice Golf Ball by Pridesport. These are lightweight and durable and can be used anywhere in your house, inside or outside. Unlike many practice balls, they can be used for short game, long game and putting, making them a more verticle practice ball. At Women Who Golf these have been the clear winner and are worth having in your practice stash. 

If you have any recommendations or questions, please drop a comment below. Always welcome feedback.  

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