Top 10 Women Who Golf Posts for July

By Tuscany Williams

Women Who Golf is more than just a Facebook Group. We are a global community using social media for good and connecting active and aspiring female golfers globally! Collecting over posts and interactions daily, we have fantastic posts, content, videos, and images shared by our members. Each month, we pull the top 10 most interacted and engaged posts made by our members.


Post One: FireBall Celebration
Virginia and crew enjoying a Birdie Juice in the tree!

Post Two: Golfing Vistas From Round The World 

Laura spent the past week golfing with her husband in Sedona AZ.  They live outside of Scottsdale so they try to play at the Sedona Golf Resort at least once a year. They are always in awe of the beauty! 🏌️‍♀️

Post Three: Way to go Momma in Law! 

Liz golfed today with her Mother in law who is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She had the energy to go golfing today and we had the best time. Sending you and your mom in law all the love!

Post Four: Fashion Advice Needed Please

Traci was after some fashion advice, and turned to the group. Loved all the comments of love for Traci’s awesome outfits!

Please help me decide which skort to wear with my new Bad Birdie Top!
Navy – peach – white or teal
Update – I went with the teal/mint!!!

Thank you, ladies!!! I love this group!!!

Post Five: More Women in Club Events!

Andi shared this to the group this month…its a great motivator for women to take part in more golf events.

Here I am begging all of you women to participate in your golf club’s events. We had a 2-day match play event against another course and I was the only woman on the team, this is depressing! We’ve got to normalize women competing with men!! I can understand if you are a high hcp not wanting to spend $200 on a tournament but I bet there are a lot of lower (under 25) handicaps out there that could be out there joining in the fun. Ladies’ leagues aren’t the only place you can play! (Don’t get me started on Footjoy not having a matching shirt for the ladies, this is just another battle we have to fight!)

Post Six: Biker Gang

Moped golf a must for your golf bucket list! Looking great ladies!

Post Seven: Hole In One!

Dawn celebrated her first Hole In One this month! She wrote, What a feeling 😁 Hole in One ⛳️

Post Eight: Minnie Loves Golf Too

Played in Disney-themed member guest today at Montaup Country Club in Rhode island

Won first place for best dressed!

Post Nine: Solo Golf Is Good For The Soul

Trudy played her first game by herself today! She walked 18 holes and had a blast!! Everyone was helpful and friendly.Trudy wrote that she is feeling more confident and wished she had gone sooner.

Post 10: Fancy Dress For A Cause 

Mary and her golfing galgang  won first prize for best-dressed team at the Play in Pink day for Cancer research. .Location, Hermitage Golf club Dublin Ireland. Great day and for Ireland amazing weather!!

Extra Post: Love For Women Who Golf Facebook Group!

Julie shared this to the group, we had to share! Love hearing how much the Women Who Golf community is loved!

How good is this group, today I played with some lovely ladies from Wollongong (holidaying and escaping the cold weather) at the  Mossman Golf Club. All courtesy of this group. Such a good day and so nice to meet you, Karen Lyn and Jeanette. 😎👍🏌️‍♂️

We can’t thank our members more for sharing their stories, photos and triumphs! Look forward to another month of this amazing community.

Tuscany Williams
Women Who Golf


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