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By Tuscany Williams

Women Who Golf Recommendations For Ladies Beginner Golfers

Some basic equipment at a more affordable cost to get you started! Women Who Golf picked everything on this list to make you look like you know what you’re doing while still trying to find the best deals. All of these are available on Amazon!

Getting Started with Golf: Essential Equipment for Beginner Women Golfers

Are you new to golf and looking for the right equipment to get started without breaking the bank? Women Who Golf has curated a list of affordable basics to help you look and feel confident on the course. Best of all, you can find all these items on Amazon!

For Total Newbies If you’re just beginning your golf journey, start with these essentials:

  1. Golf Clubs – A beginner set is ideal, either the Strata or the Wilson club set.
  2. Golf Glove – Ensures a better grip and prevents blisters; either this Titleist or Foot Joy 
  3. Golf Balls  & Tees– Opt for affordable ones as you’ll likely lose a few at first. Either the Callaway, TaylorMade and these Bamboo Wooden Tees.
  4. Golf Shoes – White spikless golf shoes are best, these two are our favorites both by Adidas
  5. Golf Cart – Handy for carrying your clubs around the course, this one is Women Who Golf approved!

Building Confidence Once you’ve gained some confidence and are ready for your first round of nine or 18 holes, consider adding the following items to your kit:

  1. Golf Hat Clip Ball Marker – Convenient for marking your ball on the green.
  2. Towel/ Divot Tool / Brush Kit– Keeps your equipment clean and dry.
  3. Golf Club Head Covers – Protects your clubs from damage.

Advanced Add-Ons When you’re ready to further enhance your game, these extras can be very useful:

  1. Range Finder – Helps measure distances accurately.
  2. Golf Ball Picker – Makes retrieving balls easier.
  3. Alignment Rods – Assists in improving your swing accuracy.

Starting with the right gear can make all the difference in your golfing experience

For Total Newbies and Just Getting Started

Item 1: Golf Clubs

For women golfers new to the game, starting with the right equipment is important. Begin with a beginner set of golf clubs, which are designed to be easier to use and more forgiving for new players. Women Who Golf recommend either the  Strata Set (14-16 set) or the Wilson Full Set. Both of these are great clubs, if you can’t decide which one, go with the one you like the look of! You can’t go wrong with either or.

Item 2: Golf Gloves

A golf glove is also important as it provides a better grip and helps prevent blisters. This way, you can focus on your swing without worrying about discomfort. Women Who Golf recommends both of these gloves, the classic Titleist Golf Glove or the Foot Joy All Rounder Glove.  Cant decide? Go with the one that’s on discount 🙂

Item 3: Golf Balls & Tees

You’ll need golf balls and tees as well. For golf balls, we recommend  either the Callaway Super Soft or the TaylorMade Kalea. Both of these golf balls are suited for beginners, they are lightweight and help you with your distance.  Golf tees to begin, w recommend Bamboo Wooden Golf Tees, affordable and a great option to start; cost effective and easy to use.

Item 4: Golf Shoes

For beginner golf shoes, we recommend spike less white shoes. Adidas makes great comfortable, affordable and white golf shoes that go with every outfit. These items are the Women Who Golf favorites. Either of this will be perfect option!

Item 5: Golf Cart

Golf carts help you move your clubs around, its allot comfortable then carrying them. Now this is not a necessary item but it will help you out around the club or driving range. This foldable golf cart is super sturdy and collapse down for easy storage. We recommend purchasing this if you are having difficulty carrying your clubs or getting ready for your first golf game.

For When You Are Read To Hit The Course

Item 1: Ball Marker

Convenient for marking your ball on the green. This handy accessory clips right onto the brim of your hat, making it easy to access when you need to mark your ball’s position on the green. The magnetic marker can be quickly detached and reattached, ensuring you don’t lose your spot. It’s a small but essential tool that adds a touch of professionalism and convenience to your game, allowing you to focus more on your putt and less on scrambling for a marker in your pocket.

Item 2: Waffle Pattern Golf Towel Kit

This kit is complete with all the essentials to help you keep your golf balls and clubs clean. This kit is affordable and has everything you need.

Item 3: Golf Club Head Covers (If you'd like extras plus go with Wilson Bag)

This kit is complete with all the essentials to help you keep your golf balls and clubs clean. This kit is affordable and has everything you need.

You Golf Advance Add Ons

These items are for when you are ready to add equipment and technology to help you around the golf course.

Item 1: Golf Range Finder

Range finder measures the distance from your position to a specific target on the course, such as the flagstick. For beginner golfers, this tool can be incredibly helpful in selecting the right club and improving shot accuracy. By providing precise distance information, it takes the guesswork out of your game, helping you to make more informed decisions and build confidence in your shots.

Item 2: Golf Ball Retriever

This is your extended arm for when your ball goes into those hard to reach places on the golf club, think water hazards, tree lines or under something. This tool is super useful for collecting those stray Callaway Super Soft golf balls.

Item 3: Alignment Rod

Alignment rods help improve swing accuracy and consistency. By placing these rods on the ground, you can ensure proper alignment of your feet, hips, and shoulders with your target. They also aid in maintaining the correct swing path, leading to more precise and controlled shots, and boosting your confidence on the course.

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