Women Who Golf May Top 20 Contributors

By Tuscany Williams

The Top Twenty Women Members Who Contribute To The Community

Thank you to our TOP Women Who Golf contributors for MAY. ❤ Each month, we take a moment to recognize ten members who are the group’s top contributors.

These members have been recognized as members who have to share the highest comments, posts, and likes with the group. Thank you, ladies, for supporting Women Who Golf every like, comment, and share helps grow the group and welcomes more global women golfers to come to join and share their love of the game.

Thank you to all members for their continual support. We have had a huge month with new members, stories, photos, and hole-in-ones!


1. Helen Maris

Helen is our top contributor for the month of May. Her remarkable level of activity and helpfulness is evident as she has contributed 335 comments and provided 470 likes. Her proactive engagement and willingness to assist others demonstrate her dedication to the group’s success.


2. Pat Cottontop


Pat consistently lends a helping hand within the group, readily offering advice and tips to others. With an impressive count of 290 comments and 583 likes, she actively engages in discussions and shows her support for the contributions of others.


3. Nan Timmons


Nan is very active and engaged in the group. With 20 posts, 145 comments, and over 150 likes, she has made significant contributions to the group’s discussions and interactions.

4. Kristy Lynn

Kristy Lynn made a total of 6 posts, engaged in 185 comment interactions,
and expressed appreciation through 70 likes.

5. Marilyn Camp Herb

Marilyn constantly contributed 212 comments and 290 likes. She is one of our top contributors to our group!

6. Jean Bell McSpadden

Jean is a highly engaged member of the group, contributing 8 posts, 149 comments, and garnering over 760 likes.

7. Felicia S. Odum

Felicia is consistently a top contributor, with 130 comments and 560 likes to her credit.

8. Kathie Kathleen Eyles

Kathie’s active participation in the group shines through with her impressive 125 comments, demonstrating her dedication and valuable contributions to the community.

10. Cathy Deborah Stewart

Cathy consistently stands out as a top contributor, having contributed 16 posts and 40 comments to the group.

11. Gloria Privette Jordan

Cathy’s active presence in the group is commendable, with 10 posts, 70 comments, and an impressive 325 likes.

12. Barb Long

Barb’s active engagement shines through with her valuable contributions of 10 posts, over 60 comments, and an appreciable 130 likes.

13. Lori Kohn Terra

Lori’s impactful presence is evident through her extensive engagement, with an impressive 100 comments and a remarkable 250 likes, showcasing her valuable contributions to the group.

14. Judy Biernat

Judy’s vibrant presence in the group is felt through her active engagement, as she has contributed 110 comments and received 100 likes, showcasing her meaningful contributions and positive impact within the community.

15. Andi Grant

Andi has been a long-time member of the group. This month she contributed 95 comments and an impressive 260 likes, showcasing her ongoing commitment and impact within the community.

16. Catherine Baker

Catherine’s active engagement is evident through her valuable contributions of 72 comments and over 200 likes, showcasing her dedication and vibrant presence within the community.

17. Joyce Skiles Martin

Joyce’s remarkable engagement is truly amazing, with her contributions of 100 comments and an impressive 572 likes, highlighting her active involvement and the appreciation she garners within the community.

18. Kayla Nash

Kayla has been a member of Women Who Golf from the start. This month, she continued to actively engage by contributing 100 comments and 80 likes, thanks so much for your continual support!

19. Gabby Peyron Gargus

Gabby’s exceptional support this month has been truly remarkable. She actively contributed with 12 posts, 40 comments, and 200 likes in the group, showcasing her unwavering dedication and positive impact within the community.

20. Mary Frances McIntosh

Mary’s wonderful support is greatly appreciated, as she has made significant contributions with 10 posts and garnered over 70 likes. Thank you so much for your valuable engagement and participation!

The Top Contributing Cities in Women Who Golf!

We have a diverse group of outstanding contributors from many cities throughout the world. Here are the cities they come from:

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Calgary, AB, Canada

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Toronto, ON, Canada

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Los Angeles, CA

Scottsdale, AZ

San Diego, CA

Auckland, New Zealand

Naples, FL

London, UK

We highly appreciate the diverse range of contributions and unwavering dedication from members in these cities. Their active participation has played an important role in cultivating a lively and engaged community within the Women Who Golf group.

Thank you all for your continued support through posts, comments, likes, and shares! Follow us on Instagram for more incredible posts and pictures from the Women Who Golf community.

Tuscany Williams
Women Who Golf


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Thank you all for your continued support through posts, comments, likes, and shares! Follow us on Instagram for more incredible posts and pictures from the Women Who Golf community.

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