Women Who Golf Top Posts For March

By Tuscany Williams

Here are the Top 10 For This Month

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Post One: Congratulations, Rose! What a great accomplishment!👏⛳️🏌🏻‍♀️

I won my clubs championship today, feeling good right now!🎉❤️

Post Two: Amazing! Impressive round! Way to go, Carol! 🎉⛳🏌

Another milestone today 5 birdies and a hole in one —unforgettable day 🎉🎊🍾🥂🏌‍♀️⛳

Post Three: Adorable patterns😍⛳🏌

These are the bomb! I finally got to a Costco and these are perfect for 14.99! No muffin top shows as they pull everything in. The only thing is they might be too heavy on really hot days as the material is heavier but they are really well made. I’m a size 10 and medium is perfect.

Post Four: Congratulations on your newly marriage 🎊❤️⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Hi everyone! Just wanted to hop on and introduce myself. My name is Trinadee, I’m 22 and just started golfing about a year ago with my boyfriend at the time (recently married, now husband. I live about an hour outside of Philly so usually only golf from April- November unless there is a warm winter day mixed in. Excited to get back out this season. Currently, my best score is a 106 and I’m looking to work on my short game this year.

Post Five: Absolutely precious! Priceless!😍🥰💚⛳️

This is us a few weeks ago. She turned five today. My granddaughter is a bright light in my life. I hope she continues to love golf as much as her Mimi does.

Post Six: Hole-In-One Club, Congratulations, Diane!🎊🎉🍾🥂🏌‍♀️⛳❤

Hi Ladies, I played Bonville Ladies Golf Classic in Coffs Harbour! Hole in One! on the 3rd in the second round, beyond excited⛳️🏌️‍♀️🍀

Post Seven: Cool bag! It’s all sparkly and stuff!
Welcome aboard, Kyndall!😎😍👌

Hi ladies! I’m new to the group and just wanted to share my very subtle bag. I look forward to engaging and learning with yall❤️

Post Eight: Well said and hopefully changes.😉👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️

I’m beginning to understand now. As a Canadian golfer (11 hdcp) I have had the privilege of playing in the sun for the past three weeks in the Tampa area. As much as I’ve enjoyed the warmth, the avid dance of courses, the affordability, and the roll of the fairways, I ‘ve been challenged by the bias that exists here compared to golfing in British Columbia:
1. I cannot warm up nor play in a group with men without one of them making a comment about my swing
or offering advice on a shot;
2. I choose to hit from mid-tees, and have been challenged by starters (why does it matter to him?);
3. Only the forward tees are sloped and rated for women and not mid-tees (prohibiting me from entering my score in Golf Canada to maintain my handicap); and
4. Where are the women? I’m serious here when I say I was a strong minority. I saw literally three women players in other groups in more than a dozen games.
When my American golf lady friends complained on this page about how men can’t refrain from offering advice, I struggled to understand as this is not an issue in my golfing community. Now I know, and I am commensurate.

Post Nine: Welcome, Amanda!
Glad you joined the Women Who Golf Group

Hi everyone!👋🏼 I‘m Amanda, and I am new to the group! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!! Happy Golfing to those of you out on the course now, and to those of us here in 🇨🇦 we have a few more weeks to go!⛳️

Post Ten: Great choice, Denise!
Congrats on your eagle 🦅 and what a fab round 🙌⛳️💯

Hello again from the gal who switched from ProV1s to Vice this month. Today I went out with those new, purchased balls and got an eagle on a 5 par with my new ball! Overall, shot a 78 so as of today, I am keeping these balls. Cheers to all 🏌️‍♀️🍀💕💥

Wow! That’s awesome! You rock, Denise!😎🥳
Could be the balls or it could be that you’re amazing!😉

From the gal who posted last week about switching from ProV1s to Vice….👆😉
Seriously, I cannot tell you what in the world is happening but I am going to be grateful and humbled. Maybe it is the Vice balls, maybe it is just a good run. Today I chipped in for an eagle on a par four. Last week, a chip-in on a par five. Never *before* have I ever had two eagles in two weeks 😵💥😵💥….. is it the Vice balls 😉

March Hole-in-One Recognitions!

My first hole in one ever at Terra Lago Indio on hole 13 on the north course.🎉⛳🏌

Didn’t even see it go in as the green is elevated and the flag was on the second lower tier, but some walkers on the overlooking berm started cheering! Made my whole winter! Getting ready to go back home to 🇨🇦 soon. Hope snow melts quickly!

Super excited to have had my first hole-in-one after playing for many years! Happened at the 3rd hole during the Saturday stroke competition at Royal Portrush. Golf is a funny game I had 10 shots on the next hole!🎉⛳🏌

Yay! My second hole-in-one!! Legends Moorland course in Myrtle Beach, SC.

My 1st time HOLE IN ONE ⛳️ yesterday (3.11.2023) @ Summer Grove golf club (hole # 16th 105 yards )

Pretty amazing and can’t believe it’s really happened!🎉⛳🏌

First hole in one – hole 15 at Links O’Tryon today! Great day!

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