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By Tuscany Williams

Here are the Top 10 For May

Women Who Golf is more than just a Facebook Group. We are a global community using social media for good and connecting active and aspiring women golfers globally!

Collecting over 1000 interactions daily, we have fantastic posts, content, videos, and images our members share. Each month, we pull the top 10 most interacted and engaged posts made by our members.

Post One: You are an inspiration, Martha. Keep enjoying your golf⛳️🏌️‍♀️

This sweet lady turns 100 today She golf’s with us every Thursday. ⛳️🏌️‍♀️ Happy Birthday Martha you are Awesome! 🎂🎉🎈

Post Two: Great goals! You will get there! Way to go, Sam!👏👏

I see lots of hole-in-one pictures, but I just learned how to golf and I’m not at that level yet. So instead, here is a pic of my first par!!! Working towards my first birdie now. What a lovely sport ⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Post Three: Worth a celebratory drink, indeed! Cheers 🥂⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Finally broke 80 with a 79 & 9 pars!! My best round ever 🏌🏻‍♀️

Post Four: Great theme! You all Rock! 💥💥💥

Well, ladies….our May couples night outing was a superhero theme and we like to lean into a theme! 🫣🤣 Won best dressed and top score on the back 9 with 4 under! Hope this helps some of you start the day with a laugh😄

Post Five: Incredible! Very creative!❤⛳

My first tiered tray for a raffle prize for our tournament! What do you think?

Post Six: Hole-In-One Club, Congratulations, Caraline!🎉🏌‍♀️⛳❤

Proud mom moment. 😃⛳️ My 14-year-old daughter had her 2nd Hole-in-one at Pelican Sound Golf and River Club in Estero, FL on 5/25/23. The Lakes Course, Hole #5, Par 4! 301 yards from the tee. Hit with a Ping Driver with a Bridgestone ball.‼️😎⛳️

Post Seven: Ouch! Glad nothing worse happened! Be careful out there!☀️⛳️

Let’s hear your “I got hit by a ball” stories! ⛳️ I got struck by a ball on Sunday after we walked off the green. He yelled fore AS it hit me. His ball sailed over the green and nailed me mid-flight. He felt terrible, admitted he shouldn’t have used that club, and bought me a gift card for a full round. I am SO thankful it didn’t hit any bones or my head. Really couldn’t have been luckier. Bet he’ll wait 30 seconds for the green to clear from now on 👌🏻

Post Eight: Wonderful to make such great friends. Enjoy!❤️

Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself and share a photo. We are 7 women who have a 3 putt club. Each month we pay our treasurer 50 cents per 3 putt. We go away for a golf outing once a year and put the funds towards our trip. We also play cards and drink a lot of wine when we fit it in. I am so grateful for such a wonderful group of friends!👏❤️🏌🏻‍♀️⛳️

Post Nine: Enjoy little buddy!🤣❤️⛳️

Someone stole crackers from the golf cart.🐿️😉😂

Post Ten: Hang in there! Keep your head held high, and enjoy your game✨⛳️✨

I love this page and the support I feel here. Today I had a bad experience on the golf course. I’m new to golfing and have played team play once. I don’t know all the rules and am so grateful to all the supportive women I’ve golfed with. Today I found everyone is not nice golfing. Better days are ahead and I love this game so much!💚⛳️🏌🏼‍♀️

Extra Post: How this Women Who Golf Facebook group changed my daughter’s life!⛳️❤️

My daughter Abigail was born and raised her entire life in Alaska and from the age of 5 begged to take golf lessons, but never got the chance until she turned 8. Growing up and loving golf in Alaska is hard, we are the only state in the nation without a Jr golf or high school program… kids here literally write their own training manuals. We do have swing instruction, clinics, and the like, but a junior program doesn’t exist.

Abigail has played every minute she possibly could when the weather allowed in the summers and taking over my garage w her nets and putting green in the winter. Throughout her childhood Abigail would tell us all she was going to golf in college, we humored her. Without a Jr program Abigail at 14 started playing with a senior men’s group to learn the ropes, the competitive women’s groups in Alaska were less than welcoming. This kid kept playing despite her circumstances, she found a way because she loved the game that much. We often joke that Abigail has more friends over the age of 60 than either of us as her parents, she’s developed a network of fantastic people.

Fast forward to July of 2022, Abigail is 17 years old and feels the immense pressure of how behind she is in the golf world, in steps her miracle… Marina Horton.

One evening I am scrolling on FB and I see a post-Marina has made to this group about bringing golf to Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital. I messaged Marina to ask how I could possibly get my daughter involved in something like that in Alaska. Throughout our private messages back and forth Marina says, “So tell me about your daughter”. I let her know about Abigail’s golf situation and that at that time she was really struggling mentally and feeling incredibly discouraged, that she was even starting to doubt her dreams of college golf. Marina said, “I’d love to talk with Abigail”.

Abigail and Marina met via Zoom 3 times and after each session, I saw a different kid emerging. Abigail was hanging up positive affirmations, choosing a different mindset and really TRYING to implement the changes she needed to succeed. While working on Abigail’s mental game Marina took the time to check out Abigail’s swing and video and told her “There is absolutely no reason why you can’t play college golf”. Marina worked to find Abigail a senior showcase in the lower 48, which would be her FIRST competitive tournament outside of Alaska, AND the only one with girls her own age.

Like Mickey training Rocky Balboa, there was Marina over Zoom…. Telling Abigail she was the greatest, that she believed in her, the sky was the limit, you got this!! These two worked so hard and managed a pretty impressive swing transformation in the process. Along the way Marina is building Abigail’s nonexistent social media presence, we simply had no idea what it took to make Abigail’s dream a reality. Marina also helped with sending Abigail’s swing videos out, all because she believed so much in a kid she has yet to actually meet.

Here comes November and the showcase has arrived. It wasn’t enough that Marina took on Abigail’s cause, she on her own dime flew to Las Vegas to meet Abigail and coach her through her very first and critical competition. Abigail didn’t play like she wanted BUT she showed that a kid from Alaska can hang with girls in the Lower 48. While at the tournament, coaches that might have been interested declined but most importantly one that previously said no, said yes!!

Abigail received the shot of a lifetime, she is the newest member of the University of Missouri – St Louis Women’s Golf Team.

Marina took a massive chance on my kid and really is the epitome of what women’s golf should be!! Marina did nothing but build up my aspiring golfer, she believed in her when others did not. Thank you, Marina and this Facebook group for helping create a positive change in a young life.

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Thank you all for your continued support through posts, comments, likes, and shares! Follow us on Instagram for more incredible posts and pictures from the Women Who Golf community.

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