Women Who Golf Top Posts For January

By Tuscany Williams

Here are the Top 10 For This Month

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Post One: Totally awesome! What an inspiration! Keep going strong‼️⛳️🏌️‍♀️♥️

This is 102 year old Evelyn. I introduced her to you when she was merely 100. She is still playing 18 holes twice a week. When you play with her, she drives the cart and keeps score! 

Post Two: Your lucky day! ⛳️🤣

You know it’s going to be one of those days when you get to work and you’re wearing one tennis shoe and one golf shoe!

Post Three: Happy Birthday, Edith! 🎁🎂🥂

🥳 I started my 33rd Birthday before the Sunrise, its a pretty tough fun day. Finished with a +7 & now I’m ready to enjoy my champagne all day. 😉

Post Four: 💯 That’s the best! It can be a very very nice round ⛳🏌️‍♀️

Playing alone is good for the soul! I know a lot of ladies are afraid to do it, but don’t be! Go for it. Put on some good tunes & just focus on YOU. You don’t have to worry about anybody else’s ball, whose turn it is to hit, stand around waiting for people to putt, etc. ZEN golf 😎

Post Five: Amazing shots! Great feeling! You had it all the way, Cindi!!🎉👏⛳️

I found Nirvana yesterday. Golfers understand the pursuit of perfection, yet we seldom hit it. Even a great round is filled with missteps. Yesterday, for one hole, I lived perfection. Par 5 at Juliette Falls golf course in Florida. I stepped on the tee, knowing I had been swinging well. I was feeling confident. As I struck the ball I knew it was perfect. 220 yds and it split the middle perfectly. Yes, but was It a one stroke wonder? Second shot was 190 yds to a well bunkered green that appeared forever away. I grabbed my 3 wood and once again hit the ball perfectly. I couldn’t believe it as I watched my ball soar straight and land on the front of the green. It started to roll towards the pin and we all thought it was going in. It stopped 2ft from the pin. 2 perfect and intentional shots in a row. I only had a short but slightly breaking putt for an eagle. I watched my teammates all finish the hole, then with an uncanny confidence I hit the ball perfectly into the center of the cup.

Eagle!!! A perfect golf hole with three shots that were exactly what I had intended.

Golf Nirvana! I’m still savoring the feeling.

Go get em!

Post Six: Welcome aboard, Aruny! 🏌‍♀️⛳️😊

Hello, everyone! I’m a new golfer from Thailand. Thank you so much for letting me join the group! 🏌️‍♀️⛳️

Post Seven: Nice to have your choices! Lucky!💕

It was either ski ⛷️ or golf 🏌️‍♀️ today in the Pocono Mountains of PA (34 degrees with the bright sunshine but “feels like 26” with the wind). Our ski slopes are crowded on weekends, so we picked golf. Layered up in ski clothes and had the course to ourselves today. 😊

Post Eight: What a fun looking group! Happy Golfing ⛳️😍

Greetings all the way from South Africa. 😘🤗🤗🙏

Post Nine: A great golfing destination! 😎☺️

Greetings from Kenya! ⛳️♥️

Post Ten: Welcome, Heather! Glad you joined the Women Who Golf group 💖⛳️

I have just been invited to join this group. Thanks to Sherry White. Already reading some great stories and information. I am Heather Matheson. From Prince Edward Island, Canada. Have been golfing for 30 plus years. Certainly enjoying more golf in last 5 years with the ladies and our fairly large couples golf crew. If anyone has questions on golfing on our Island I am happy to share what I know. 👏🏌️‍♀️⛳️

January Hole In One Recognitions! There was a lot of them! 🥳✊⛳

Hole in one today!! The Gallery Golf Club: North Course: 15th hole 115 yards 9 iron Whoo hoo!! 🎉⛳🏌

My very first Hole in One!!! 🎉⛳🏌

Course: Palm at Palmas Del Mar – Puerto Rico

Hole: #13; Club: 7 wood

Date: Friday, January 13, 2023

God is good all the time !

First hole in one today! 😀🎉⛳🏌

I got my first hole in one today so excited, played from the White’s 🎉⛳🏌

My third hole in one here at my home course at Cape Royal Golf course in Cape Coral Florida. Par 3 over the pond. What a fun day! AND a score of 95. 🎉⛳🏌

My hole in one shot at Las Barrancas Yuma Arizona #16. Lucky picture she was taking it at the right time. You can see the ball going right at it. #2 for me. Jan. 4th 2023. 🎉⛳🏌

LPGA Hole in One, Jones Course, Hole #14 🎉⛳🏌

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Thank you all for your continued support through posts, comments, likes, and shares! Follow us on Instagram for more incredible posts and pictures from the Women Who Golf community.

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