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Women Who Golf is more than just a Facebook Group. We are a global community using social media for good and connecting active and aspiring female golfers globally! Collecting over posts and interactions daily, we have fantastic posts, content, videos, and images shared by our members. Each month, we pull the top 10 most interacted and engaged posts made by our members.

Post Number 1 – Best Female Golfer
Good day, today…walked away best female golfer -best score and a golf bag🏌🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♀️

Post Number 2 – Those Golf Tan Lines
Does anyone else have this problem?

Post Number 3 – Golf Proposal
Today my partner proposed to me on top of a mountain but he had also bought these as a backup if the mountain plans didn’t work out 😍

Edit – of course, I said yes!

Post Number 4 – Matchy Matchy

A quick question for you ladies. Do you play a lot of mixed golf with your Husband/Partner? I’ve done so since taking up golf in 2016. Charity events, Pairs, Mixed Teams etc… Here are some pics from some of the comps we’ve played together 🏌🏽‍♀️🏌️‍♂️



Post Number 5 – Best Dressed!
Never worn a golf dress before got smoking $40 deal couldn’t say no to that!


Post Number 6 – Golfing Galfriends!
This is what golf should be about!


Post Number 7 – Golf Courses of the World
Finally, we’ve made it to St Andrew’s. ⛳️
What a fantastic experience #feelinghappy


Post Number 8 – Golf Hair
Does anyone else do this? I get a lot of compliments lol 😆


Post Number 9 – Nothing is stopping this momma to be!
39 weeks pregnant and scored a 62 on 9 holes. Not the best game but proud I got my but out there! Are any other mamas still swinging their clubs?

Post Number 10 – So close!
This is how close I came to getting a 2 on a par 5 last night. Got the eagle!!!!

Post Number 11 – Women Who Golf!
I was never an athlete. Oh….my parents signed me up for softball, tried to understand all the girl’s team sports in high school (field hockey, lacrosse, basketball), but I just didn’t have the “eat the guts out of my opponent” fire in me. I could never come to terms with my overarching desire to always be a lady…mannerly, gently powerful (there is such a thing), supportive of my “so-called” opponents and athletics. I really needed to be a lady and play a good game. And then in my mid-forties, second marriage along came golf. My God, what a beautiful game. You can be lovely and powerful, lady-like and ferocious, supportive and a force.

I love where my mind goes while playing a round…all the places. From glory to hell in a matter of minutes. And it’s all still fine….because you get to stand tall with quite a weapon and whack the bloody hell out of a little ball on the next to go ‘round. And you get to say, “Damn girl that was a great shot.”, to the lady with you…and mean it. And maybe learn a trick or two from her investment…years, most likely, hitting away, to some kind of unique personal glory. What a game. Some day I will break a hundred. But, right now, the second year in, I am most grateful to have a game to sink my teeth into and still remain a lady. Cheers to all of you lovely ladies who have fully embraced the majesty of golf!

Post Number 12 – Welcome to the Hole-In-One-Club
Woo hoo. Hole in one today at beautiful Peachtree Country Club.

We can’t thank our members more for sharing their stories, photos and triumphs! Look forward to another month of this amazing community.

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