Why Women Choose Women Who Golf:
More Than a Golfing Community

A Women’s Only Golf Community: Your Ultimate Golfing Sanctuary!

Welcome to Women Who Golf, an extraordinary community that transcends the boundaries of golf itself. Whether you’ve come across us via Facebook or are stepping into our vibrant community for the very first time, here’s why you should seriously consider becoming a part of our women’s golf community, which boasts over 70 thousand members from around the world!

A Hub for All Things Golf and Beyond!
This isn’t just a place to discuss golf; it’s a passionate hub that brings us all together. Whether you’re on the hunt for valuable swing tips, eager to share your golfing experiences, golf fashion trends, coaching insights, or simply looking to connect with other passionate women golfers, you’ve found the perfect place to do it all.

A Community Celebrating the Love of Golf
We recognize that traditional golf clubs can sometimes come off as exclusive or even intimidating. That’s precisely what we’re not about. Women Who Golf thrives on inclusivity, unwavering support, and a shared passion for the game. Here, you’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment where your love for golf is truly celebrated.

Our Goal: Empowering Women to Embrace Golf
Our core mission is clear-cut: we aspire to inspire and empower more women to embrace golf and enjoy more rounds on the green. We’re on a mission to make golf accessible, enjoyable, and an integral part of your lifestyle.

Plus It’s Free To Join!
Women Who Golf is a free community. We are wholly committed to crafting an inclusive and accessible community for women golfers.

See you in Women Who Golf!

Tuscany Williams
Owner Of Women Who Golf Community



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